BioMedEng18 Scientific Programme Committee

Emeritus Prof. Bob Schroter
Prof. Adam Gibson
Prof. Andrew Flewitt
Prof. Dario Farina
Prof. Holger Krapp
Prof. Spencer Sherwin
Dr Adam Celiz
Dr Angela Kedgley
Dr Andrei Kozlov
Dr Anil Bharath
Dr Ben Almquist
Dr Chris Bakal
Dr Chris Cantwell
Dr Christina Warboys
Dr Christopher Rowlands
Dr Claire Higgins
Dr Daniel Abasolo
Dr Darryl Overby
Dr Fatima Labeed
Dr Firat Guder
Dr Helena Azevedo
Dr Himadri Gupta
Dr Joseph Sherwood
Dr Katharine Fraser
Dr Luca Magnani
Dr Mengxing Tang
Dr Neal Bangerter
Dr Nuria Gavara
Dr Raoul van Loon
Dr Sam Au
Dr Silvia Schievano
Dr Tina Chowdhury
Dr Thomas Ouldridge
Dr Tom Shearer
Dr Zhongzhao Teng
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A big thank you to our Programme Committee for reviewing all the BioMedEng18 abstracts