OATech+ Travel Award Recipients –

  • Gwenllian Tawy

  • Sheetal Inamdar

  • Lindsay Millar

  • Geoffrey Ng

  • Nimrah Munir

  • Jessica Mansfield

  • Oliver Morgan


  • Konstantinos Tzortzis

  • Syed Khalid Ghufran

  • Marie Lang

  • Max Falkenberg McGillivray

  • Phakakorn Panpho

  • Yousuf Makki

  • Caleb Gambrah

  • Justine Fraser

  • Benjamin Owen

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The BioMedEng18 conference held at Imperial College London from 6-7th September 2018 was the UK's largest gathering of Biomedical Engineers, Medical Engineers and Bioengineers


The conference was organised under 40 bioengineering themes, and focused on existing disease and technology areas, translation and commercialisation of research, and networking amongst the bioengineering community

Hosted by Imperial’s Bioengineering Department, the conference was linked with the inaugural lecture and launch of the Organ-on-a-Chip Technologies Network, and partnered with the ICR/Imperial Cancer Research Centre and the Osteoarthritis Technology Plus Network (OATech+ Network)

Over 500 delegates from 100 institutions (Academic Institutions, Research Centres and Charities, Industrial MedTech Companies and VC Firms) across the United Kingdom and beyond attended the conference. The two-day event comprised of four plenary lectures, seven keynote talks, 148 oral presentations and 261 poster presentations

In addition to the scientific presentations, there were also workshops on Careers in Bioengineering, Biomedical Engineering Education, and the Phenomenal Women in Innovation workshop

BioMedEng18 Organising Team

  • Professor Peter Weinberg - Conference Chair

  • Dr Gifty Tetteh - Conference Director

  • Ms Kemi Aofolaju - Communications Manager

BioMedEng18 Award Recipients – 

  • The BioMedEng Legacy Prize - Professor Dan Bader, University of Southampton

  • The BioMedEng Innovation Prize - Mike Tuke, FREng, MatOrtho®

  • Early Career Researcher Award - Peter Charlton, King’s College London

  • Best Student Talk - Ugur Tanriverdi, Imperial College London

  • Best Poster Award - Hanna Burton, Cardiff Metropolitan University

  • Best Rapid Fire Presentation - Aiden James Hannah, Strathclyde University

  • Best Project Presentation Award - Nicola Omo-Dare, Imperial College London

ARUK Travel Award Recipients –

  • Federico Sanna

  • Nimrah Munir

  • Marta Da Conceicao Godinho

  • Neil Evans

  • Nicola Omo-Dare

  • Samuel Smith


BHF Travel Award Recipients – 

  • Girmaw Abebe Tadesse

  • Ya Hua Chim

  • Amisha Desai

  • Aziz Tokgoz

  • David Pitcher

  • Froso Sophocleous

  • Genevieve Pounds

  • Jamie Reid

  • Josefin Jansson Edqvist


Dr Gifty Tetteh

Conference Director



A message from the conference chair

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to participate in BioMedEng18. Under a variety of similar names, starting with Bioengineering 08, the meeting has been held annually for over 10 years, and has become the largest such gathering in the UK. It was held at Imperial College London in 2008 and 2014, and returns to Imperial for 2018 and 2019.

The name change reflects our desire to be as inclusive as possible. We hope that the meeting will be attractive to all of those who consider themselves Bioengineers, Biomedical Engineers and Medical Engineers. This year’s conference is being organised under 40
bioengineering science and technology themes.


Similar to the 2014 conference at Imperial, we anticipate over 500 delegates attending this year’s conference. Our delegates will include academics and students from leading universities and research centres across the UK and around the world, as well as senior clinicians from the NHS, industrial partners from MedTech companies, Venture Capital Investors, and leading executives from research councils and charities.


The large number of participants demonstrates the phenomenal growth of bioengineering and related disciplines in the UK. That growth in turn reflects, and engenders, excitement about the scientific, engineering and medical breakthroughs that could arise out of our research.


Please join us to present your work and share that excitement. We look forward to welcoming you in London in September!


Professor Peter Weinberg

Conference Chair


Scientific Committee


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